Method –

  1. empty a few packets of @peperamitv chicken bites onto a tray along with some halloumi slices and corn on the cob ???? 
  2. heat them all at 165 degrees for 15 mins, then take out the chicken and halloumi. 
  3. with the existing corn, add some pitta bread to the oven for a further 10 mins
  4. cut up some tomato ????slices and lettuce ???? 
  5. take the pitta out of the oven, cut it open, add the lettuce, tomato, halloumi and loads of yummy chicken.
  6. lastly season the open pita with salt, pepper and optional relish/Chili sauce. 
  7. add coleslaw, pre cooked chips ???? and corn ???? to your plate and bang you have a Nando’s Filo pita Meal ????????.