What are the Nutritional Values of Peperami Original?
Nutritional Information (Typical values) Single** Minis*** Snack Pack**** Wideboy*****
Energy 2056kJ/497 kcal 183kJ/44 kcal 105kJ/25 kcal 823kJ/199 kcal
Fat 44g 3.7g 2.2g 17.6g
Of which saturates 18g 1.5g 0.9g 7.2g
Carbohydrate 2.2g <0.5g <0.5g 0.9g
Of which sugars 2.0g <0.5g <0.5g 0.8g
Protein 23g 2.5g 1.3g 9.2g
Salt 3.9g 0.41g 0.22g 1.6g

**Per 100g
***Per 10g stick = 1 portion
****Per piece (~5 g) = 1 portion
*****Per 40g stick = 1 portion

What am I made of?

I’m all about the meat! Peperami Original is made from 100% pork (mostly from the shoulder. Definitely the best bit.)

Oh, also: the ‘cheese’ part of the Peperami & Cheese Snack Box is made with 100% real mild cheddar.
Peperami Chicken Bites are – would you believe it? – made with 100% chicken breast.

Can I eat Peperami products if I’m pregnant?

Yeah! My meat is proper pasteurised! So you can eat it if you’re preggers, but stay away from the Peperami & Cheese Snack Box and Peperami Snack Packs.

You can check on the packaging if the product is pasteurized or not – just look above the ingredients list for more info!

Where can I buy Peperami?

Not been reading properly? I’ve got a whole page about that!

Where is Peperami manufactured?

Where else but Germany?! Ze Germans know a thing or two when it comes to sausages, and use only the best pork when it comes to making my wurst. 

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