This goes out to all those meatheads out there @peperamitv challenged me to come up with Peperami twist on one of the nations favourite takeaways. Here’s how you can re-create this. 

Ingredients –

400g pizza dough 

1/4 of a chopped pepper 

1/4 sliced onion 

1 Peperami fire stick 

1 Peperami Beef Bar (cubed) 

1/4 pack finely sliced hot tender jerky 

100g fresh mozzarella

100g passata  

Dollop of your fav hot sauce 

Method –

Lightly flour a chopping board or surface and start stretching out your pizza dough. Once that is done mix your hot sauce in with your passata. Preheat your oven to 200 Celsius. Whilst the oven is heating up add all of your ingredients to your pizza base starting with the passata mix leaving a 2cm gap around the edges. Cook your pizza for around 25 minutes or until the edges are browned and all of the ingredients are thoroughly cooked through. 
Are you up to the challenge of recreating a Peperami twist on our nations favourite takeaways?