Feeling peck-ish? I’m packed with a cluck-load of protein and here to make sure you’ve got enough energy to get through the day and then some! After all, if you’re not leading the charge, there’s no point in being in the charge at all.

The Good Stuff

High In Protein

Fills a Hole

All-Day Munchin'

Pep’d Up Chicken bites 100g Smokin’ Chicken bites 100g
Energy 867 KJ/ 207 kCal 826 KJ/ 206 kCal
Fat 10.3g 10g
of which saturates 2.8g 2.7g
Carbohydrate 6.7g 7.1g
Of which sugars 2.6g 2.4g
Protein 21g 21.3gv
Salt 1.93g 1.9g